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The Malleo River is located at the foot of the snow - capped Lanin Volcano. The water feeds off the Lanin Volcano Glacier into the Tromen Lake where the mouth of the river is, therefore it is cold and very rich in minerals, and provides a balanced temperature that supplies a suitable environment for a great variety of insects, thus the reason why Malleo is not only the most famous for dry fly fishing in South America, but one of the best in the world.
The Malleo is small and slow flowing in the upper meadow areas and faster on the lower reaches with willow lined banks which supply perfect conditions for dry fly fishing.

These rainbows and browns are sensitive to hatches which occur regularly throughout the season, caddis, stoneflies and small terrestrials in the early season and the mayflies toward the end in March and April, on good weather days the surface activity on the Malleo is an angler's dream come true.
The average size of these fish is between 15 and 17 inches , and some up to 25 are not uncommon. Anglers can expect to land from 6 to as many as 40 fish on a good day.

Fishing on the Tromen Lake is another fun option. Lined with volcanic rock walls and overhanging trees, you can cast dry flies and nymphs to big rainbows, browns and brookies cruising the shoreline feeding on the surface. The average rainbow and browns are in the 22 inch range and the brookies between 18 and 20 inches.
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